About Samantha

Sam is 25 years old.

She is the mother of an amazing little girl named Ivadel and a beautiful little girl named Dylan.

She doesn’t write much here, but pays attention, because it is nominally her site too.

She may update this page one day.

If you see a pretty redhead in our pictures, chances are, that’s Samantha.

Husband & Wife

Husband & Wife

“So thispage was out of date again,  I am the mother of two and now the Wife of the most wonderful man…We have been absent from our blog for quite a while, Iknow, but thats what happens when you are planning a wedding.  If you really want to know what we have been up to these last few months just take a look at the wedding pictures on Flickr where you will see the fruits of our labour on film, and the most beautiful wedding EVER!!    Yea Im alittle biased but it was pretty amazing.

Anyways my day is now full of working and trying to make every second with my children count when I’m not working.   Its hard to go from being home everyday, all day with your children till they drive you insane too going to work full time and only have 3 hours a day to see them.   We are also working hard to finish the renos on our house so that we can sell it….I hate moving but if we want to increase our family count to 5 then we need more room.”

3 responses to “About Samantha

  1. That is so cool!

  2. YAY Sam! It would be good to see some baby belly picks, or any picks of you for that matter :) Miss you guys!

  3. Sam, as far as hobbies go, I started to knit, and then gave that up for crochet. I find it works as I can do it while the tv is on, or in the car, or on a ferry, or waiting somewhere for a while. Also, it’s helped me increase my attention span, but when I get bored or annoyed with whatever I’m making, I can stop! I can put it down and pick it up a month later with no harm done.

    So far I’ve only made baby blankets – seems everybody is having babes, so it works out! Patterns for pretty much everything are usually free online, materials are readily available, and if it doesn’t work, you can take it apart with no loss of material.

    I learned how to crochet at http://www.learntoknit.com/home.html and how to knit at http://www.knittinghelp.com/.

    Worth a shot, anyway.

    What’s this about you guys being engaged? Congratulations! Also, love the photos of the kids, so sweet! You all look fantastic. Tell Jeff he still owes me my book, will you?

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