Baby Wants & Needs

I promised my mom that I would make a page here with some info about what we want and need for when the new baby arrives. Since Sami has so much infant stuff from when Ivy was born, little baby stuff isn’t as big a deal as some other furniture/decorative type stuff that we’d like to have.

Also – one of the main things we’re looking to do is continue to send Ivy to her daycare once per week. She learns lots there, it will give mom a break, and she has lots of friends there that she’ll like to keep seeing – and we’d like her to keep seeing and develop real friendships with – it’s so hard to find playdates! ;)

Daycare though is 37.50 a day, and at only four times per month that still works out to 150 extra dollars per month. Not so much – but when Sami is on maternity and not making a full wage like she is now, it’ll be a challenge.

Therefore, if anyone wants to contribute a donation to our daycare fund, that would be an excellent baby gift! Sam’s mom will probably keep the collection duties going for that, and we’ll put some contact details in here as soon as we clear it with her.

We’re also going to be collecting for a double stroller – lots of people will want to buy us gift cards I think, as they’re an easy way to give a gift. So we’ll find out what we want to buy so people know what gifts cards would be best received. Also – if someone wanted to donate some cash towards it, they could probably send it to Hilma (Sam’s Mom) in the contact details for the daycare collection above.

So – here is the list of other things we think would be pretty cool to get:

  • Clothing – preferably without feet attached. (Ivy had big feet, and it was hard to get her sleepers to fit)
  • Lamp for baby’s room
  • We have a glider/rocker we’d like to cover (if anyone wants to tackle that we can send some ideas/measurements.)
  • The baby will probably really benefit from a Playstation 3. (Sam wrote this joke.)
  • Baby Monitors (to be picky, with more than one reciever and microphone)
  • Rocking base for Moses Basket. (Put out by Jolly Jumper, at Sears and The Bay)
  • Curtains (If anyone wants to tackle curtains for baby’s room, we could send ideas/colours/measurements.)
  • Alarm Clock (Sam received one for Ivy that can play sounds/music and white noise, super cool.)
  • Baskets (wicker or woven ones that can hold socks etc.)
  • Basket Liners (baby blue and yellow, perhaps toile pattern and or gingham seem to be our colour/pattern choice.)
  • Mobile (that is not wind up – battery powered etc preferred.)
  • Photo frames etc.
  • Books are always welcome.
  • If anyone wants to illegally import one of those dangerous walker things with wheels I had as a baby – feel free.
  • Lotions etc. (Sami prefers Johnson & Johnson original scent, I prefer their lavender)
  • Quilts (would love some nice homemade ones!)
  • Chew Toys/Teething Stuff

And some other stuff we’ve thought of since Dylan’s birth:

  • Little sleepers with mittens attached.
  • A waste basket with a lid.
  • Shelves.

More may be added as we think of stuff. If you have questions you can always call us, email us or leave a message here.

So far we aren’t registered anywhere. Now that someone has asked about it we’ll see about figuring out where we’re going to get a gift registry then we’ll put it up here. If anyone wants Hilma’s address/phone number to sort out gifts or donations or whatever, then blast us off an email and we’ll get it to you!

As a thank you recognition, and to let people know what we have recieved already, here are some Thank-You’s!

  • Thank you to the staff at Sami’s work for giving us a gift certificate to Bo-Peep Boutique – you guys rock!
  • Thank you to Patti for the lovely knitted baby clothes – they are super cute!
  • Thank you Emille, for chocolate covered chocolate. You’ve made my life easier by making Sami less likely to kill me.
  • Josh and Lori, thank you for the super neato organizer! It’s sweet – and has three parts!
  • Jennifer, my dear sister, Thank you for the sleepers and other clothing. And thank you for thinking of Ivy too.
  • Erin and Ken, that monitor is being put to work already. Thank you very, very much.
  • Tom and Hilma (Sam’s Parents) and my Mom, thank you for all your help. Covering the glider, making curtains and generally taking care of us!
  • Thank you Amanda and Norm, thank you for the sleeper, the lotions and all the other stuff in your awesome gift bag.
  • My mom, for the rocker for our moses basket.
  • Tom and Hilma, for the cute little ducks for Dylan’s room.

Also, thank you to everyone who has sent us flowers to brighten up our rooms and make them all smell nice! Every gesture is appreciated.

2 responses to “Baby Wants & Needs

  1. My kids don’t like to ride in the stroller anymore, and we have a double one. It’s only a year old, so I would like something for it but not the $200 you would have to save for a new one. Let me know cause my folks are coming to visit in March and I could send it back with them. If you want to know what it looks like its the Fisher Price stand’n ride Duo Stroller. Look at the images when you google it, because they aren’t selling it right now (I hear it’s coming back sometime soon).

  2. are you guys registered anywhere? we’re trying to figure out what to get you guys, but don’t want to get you something that someone else has already bought — that would be bad.

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