About Jeff

Hi. I’m Jeff.

Nice to meet you.

Guess you want to know a little bit about me. Well, here goes.

I’m 28. 29 now.

I’m about to be I’ve just become a daddy biologically. I’m already a daddy to a beautiful little girl named Ivadel, in every way that really matters. (That means when she says “Want Daddy some socks please”, that she wants me to put on some socks.)

The previous item still amazes me.

I like to read, write (sometimes at ficlets) watch TV, rollerblade, rock climb and other things.

I just got my first motorcycle, a Kawasaki ZZR-250, sometimes referred to as a ninjette.

I do most of the site maintenance here. I like the internet.

That should about sum it up. If you want to know more you can email me at suprspi @ gmail . com (you should remove the spaces n’ stuff.)

My X-Fire user info is below, in case you want to play games or chat with me n’ stuff.


2 responses to “About Jeff

  1. Just thought i’d leave a little comment about being “daddy” to some one. My Dad is actually my step dad, But i consider him my one and only, because my Father was a low life loser *not my mothers opinion imbedded into me BTW* And if i were a guy who had the courage to be “daddy” to a womans child who isnt his, i would be so proud of myself and feel accomplished. It’s hard for children to understand the fact until there older, but when they do understand, theres a renewed appreciation. My dad always expected rachel and i to pull the “your not my dad” on him, and we regrettably admit we have done it once….Ya once. We love him to bits, and both consider him the only dad/father/whatever you want to call him, we have. So yeah i hope you feel great about being her “daddy” and that if she ever does pull the “your not my dad” card, to just let it pass, it may hurt, but she’ll grow up :D Plus i doubt she’d even try it, shes a wonderful girl :D

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