About this site.


1) What does FAQ mean?

Seriously. Is this your first time on the internet? Ok, if you’re my grandmother, here’s the simple non-snarky answer. Frequently Asked Questions.

2) What is Jeff and Sam plus 2 little ones?

Jeff and Sam’s personal blog site. It has a bit of everything and is mostly here to allow our friends and family to see more of our lives than they ought to. The very occasional post may interest the internet at large.

3) Who are you guys anyway and why should I care?

Well, that’s two questions. First, you probably shouldn’t care. Second, we are Jeff and Sam. Hit the links for static pages about us. (hint, the blue word means it’s a link and can be clicked…if that doesn’t show up either you’re not viewing it correctly or we’re lazy.)

4) Who are the two little ones though?

Our children. More accurately, our little girl Ivadel and our as yet unnamed embryonic overlord. new little girl, Dylan Aubrey Closs.

5) What if my question isn’t answered?

Feel free to post a comment about your question or email the authors at suprspi at gmail dot com (hint, replace the at and dot with appropriate symbols.  For those symbolically challenge, the appropriate symbols would be @ and . respectively.


One response to “About this site.

  1. Jeff you are as weird as Me! And this writing is so small i can read it (the writing in the comment box) See you probably tomorrow.

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