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Some reading to do…

Not many people are reading this anymore, but I thought I would point out some sites that my family is working on.

http://www.wheatfreefamily.com – D, Sam’s older sister, has a family that is wheat intolerant/allergic.  Because of this, and the challenges she’s faced trying to feed her family in a wheat free world she has started this website as an outlet for her discoveries and to provide the information she’s found to the rest of the world.

http://www.defianceart.com – Dianne is the proprietor of Defiance Art and Design.  I’ve mentioned her on my photography blog, but thought I’d mention her here too.  Dianne is (in my humble opinion) a genius with art and design. She’s smart, does modern design that feels timeless and is building a business in web design. (An official one now, she’s done it for some time as a sideline gig – I hope that’s not a bad description.)

http://qsquires.blogspot.com/– Sam’s Mother is blogging here, as Matriarch of the Squires.  Lots of family updates, waaaaay  more up to date than I am here.

http://jclossphoto.wordpress.com/ – Is my photography blog, in case any of you three readers have somehow missed it.  I am using it to chronicle my 52 weeks project (which is currently 1 photoshoot behind, as I’m not the greatest at staying up to date on editing) and to post general photography insights, tips and stories.

http://www.defianceart.com/JClossPhoto.htm – Will take you to the launch date page for my new website, which is in the works.  Dianne is helping me to build it, and it will launch on the 21st of this month.  I don’t have the domain registered right now, but when I do this image will be parked there as well.

Well – that’s us in a nutshell.  I have some more recipes I need to put up, and I should put up a general update soon as well.  Addison is 4 months old now, and growing.  She’s currently in the Jolly Jumper behind me having a ball.

Dylan is growing, and daily turning into a little girl.  She’s clever, and fearless.

Ivy is turning into a real gymnast.  She’s as precocious as ever, and constantly challenges us – usually in good ways!

More to come, stay tuned.



This time it’s Tineke.

Tineke has a photography business called Northern Persona Photography.  What is it with all my friend’s being photographers?  Seriously, this makes 3 professional photographers now.  Starla, Lisa and Tineke. (Note to me, I don’t have Lisa’s website linked anywhere, need to find the URL)

Tineke’s shots featured on her blog are pretty amazing – being my local photographer friend she’s probably the one I’d end up going to.  It’s tough though, because I wouldn’t want Lisa for example to feel like I’m sidelining her, cause she’s awesome too.  Starla I don’t see enough – so not as much guilt there – though if you’re interested in photos you should probably check out her blog as well.

Blogroll Updated

I was cruising my blog stats and found a URL sending people here I didn’t recognize!  So i did some investigative reading and discovered something interesting.

Natasha has a blog!

I put a link to Natasha’s Bloggy on my blogroll.

Tasha is my friend’s (I call him a cousin) fiancee.  We generally don’t hang out in the same circles, but we try to get together with her and Jeremy at least once in a while, especially for gaming nights etc.

One of her stated goals for this coming year is to lose some weight, so I think I’m going to ask her if she’s interested in writing some stuff on my other blog, runfatboyrun.

Yes, I do realize she’s a girl.  Doesn’t mean she can’t op-ed every once in a while though. ;)


I’ve added a couple of links to my blogroll.

Starla’s site, The Comings and Goings of Starla, is written by a good friend of me.  A very active mother of 3, she lives far away now and we don’t see enough of her.  She’s an amazing photographer, and has 3 cute children.  She’s working on staying active and healthy, and providing some motivation for me, so I’ve also mentioned her on my other blog, runfatboyrun.

I’ve also added Davey’s blog, Irrational Geek.  He’s done some game review, some journals of his computer building and some other geek-a-liscious stuff.  He’d probably be pumped if you stopped by and left him a comment or two.