About Ivadel

Ivadel Charlotte Sinkinson is 4 years old.  She’s very smart.

Ivy can draw rainbows, people, elephants and strange ducks.

Sometimes, she can use her dad’s iPhone better than he can.  That’s awesome.

Old picture below is cute, go look at it.

My name is Ivy.  I’m 2.

I have lots of friends.  I like birds.  Puppies are nice but sometimes are scary.

I have a new baby sister named Dylan.  I love Dylan.  Dylan is so cute.

I don’t like naps.  I like candy.  I like juice.  I can’t like beans, water, rice or basically anything else.  I can’t like naptime.

Here is a picture of me.


3 responses to “About Ivadel

  1. ooooh! I love baby sissers!!

    I reeeeally hope you get a baby sisser!

  2. that’s an awesome picture lol i love it!

  3. Aw soo cute, bet she’s a real help…sometimes;)

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