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Major Catch Up 1

Here are my major catch up posts, coming in reverse chronological order.


I got stuck in a snowbank in our truck. I’d gone on a service call to Barkerville and on my way back stopped to pee at a snowmobiling access point. It’s a couple km’s in on a dirt road that was sanded and plowed, so I figured things would be good. I went and their outhouses were full of snow, so I ended up going in their parking lot. Well, it was a little more private than the highway at least, and with the snow on the sides of the highway there wasn’t much room to pull over and let nature take it’s course.

On the way back out I went to take a drink of water (fill that bladder up, it had been emptied) and only had one hand on the wheel. That’s all it took when I hit a patch of ice and started to lose control. Not much I could do, dropped the water, grabbed the wheel better and found myself stopped on the shoulder, in about 3 ft of snow. I hadn’t been going fast so I hadn’t pushed through the snowbank to the ditch, but after an hour of shoveling and rocking the truck I was still stuck.

I called Sam, with poor cell reception, and her and Tom came out to rescue me. While I waited I built a snow sculpture that I wished I had a camera to take a picture with, as well as the truck in the snowbank. It looked pretty epic with all my shoveling. Pulling the truck out was a simple matter, though explaining why I’d called my pregnant girlfriend to pull me out of the ditch at work when I got back, wasn’t.