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New Motorcycle!

I got my bike!  After years of working towards getting a bike Sam helped me get one.  I’ll be using it for day to day transportation to and from work, as well as a little bit of extra solo riding.

I need to get my MST (motorcycle skills test) done so that my liscence will have the 60km/h speed limit and supervisor restrictions removed so that I can commute on it until I do my road test and get my full Class 6 designation.

Until then, a couple of pics.  We’ll start with a pretty girl on a motorcycle, cause that’s pretty cool, then some pics of me on my bike in my gear. (Minus my awesome Alter-Ego armoured pants that I didn’t want to pull on just for a pic.)

*I added more tag so as not to blow up someone’s RSS reader.

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A picture says how many words?

They say a picture says a thousand words. Well, I don’t know if that’s true or not, but a good photographer can capture things that can’t be expressed in words.

We had a friend from work come over today to take some pictures of the girls. Morgan Turner is a professional photographer, moonlighting as an electrician. And you can certainly tell when you see these.

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I pulled these photos out of my flickr account.  I need to pay to get a yearly subscription though, as I’ve used up half my alloted amount already.

Dylan Aubrey Closs, with Dad.  Less than one full day old.

Dylan in the hospital bassinet, with Mom’s hand.

Dylan at home, with her blankies.  Sam thought she looked like she was praying, so I snapped a couple of pictures of her like this while she was in her moses basket.

Baby Dylan with Auntie Jen. (I love that bambi blanket. Shhh!)

The earliest picture ever of her.  This is right after delivery on mommy’s chest, still cord attached.  At this point the Dr. was attaching the clamps and whatnot in preperation for me to cut the cord, which I did.  Didn’t know if I would be able to – but it wasn’t so difficult.  The hard part was stopping the waterworks while I did it. ;)

More posts to come with details about the whole adventure, and how things are going now.  For now, the quick update is that Ivy is doing good as a big sister, we’re settling in fine, and Dylan is super cute.  We’re very, very happy.  And we need sleepers with mittens built in! ;)

My lolz.

A photo of a cat doing a seemingly-innocuous thing, with large text superimposed. Sort of an offshoot of the orly owl. Also called cat macros

“I made you a cookie but I eated it”, “ceiling cat is watching you masturbate”, and “I see what you did there” are good examples of lolcats.

My first lolcat attempt.
funny pictures
moar funny pictures


A photo of a child doing a seemingly innocuous thing, with large text superimposed. Sort of an offshoot of the lolcat.

My first attempt at a lolkid.
funny pictures
moar funny pictures

My second attempt:
funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Feel free to comment with links to your lolz.  You can upload a photo and make them at http://mine.icanhascheezburger.com/default.aspx Since I discovered lolcats and also discovered how cool children are, I’ve been wanting to get the ball rolling on this whole lolkids idea I have.

If you like lolcats, you need to check out this post @ livegranades.  It’s called loltrek, and you’ll giggle.  I almost guarantee it.