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New Header

I made a new header. Well, actually I’ve made 3 or 4, but the strawberries are currently my favourite.

I took this earlier in the summer @ Samantha’s parent’s property.

I think I’ll leave them for now.

I may have found someone to illustrate the children’s book I wrote for Ivy – more as the news develops.


Something I didn’t know before…

Interesting note about copyright in Canada (and the US, wording is different).  I didn’t know this before – I automatically assumed that the creator of a work was the first owner of the work.  However, this is different when the work is a “work made for hire”.  Here is the relevent tidbit.

Section 13(2) of the Canadian Copyright Act states that the copyright owner is the one who commissions and pays for the �engraving, photograph or portrait. In other words, provided a client or buyer commissions the production of a photograph and pays for such a work, the client/buyer automatically holds the copyright on the photograph and/or �engraving – not the photographer or person who created the �engraving – unless the buyer and photographer/creator have an agreement to the contrary.


So.  If you hire a photographer, unless you sign an agreement to the contrary, you automatically own the copyright on the photos taken as soon as you fnish paying for them.



This time it’s Tineke.

Tineke has a photography business called Northern Persona Photography.  What is it with all my friend’s being photographers?  Seriously, this makes 3 professional photographers now.  Starla, Lisa and Tineke. (Note to me, I don’t have Lisa’s website linked anywhere, need to find the URL)

Tineke’s shots featured on her blog are pretty amazing – being my local photographer friend she’s probably the one I’d end up going to.  It’s tough though, because I wouldn’t want Lisa for example to feel like I’m sidelining her, cause she’s awesome too.  Starla I don’t see enough – so not as much guilt there – though if you’re interested in photos you should probably check out her blog as well.