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Magma and my old house.

My old house will soon be covered in a steaming heap of magma.

Maybe not exactly.

I spent many of my formative years growing up in Gillies Crossing, a suburb of Nazko. That is to say, Gillies Crossing is a name of a couple of chunks of property at the crossing of the Euchiniko River (which runs into the Blackwater right nearby). About 30km NE of Nazko. Nazko, a village and First Nations Reservation (sounds weird…Indian Rez is how I’d have said and heard it growing up) is about 100km west-ish of Quesnel.

Nazko has a defunct volcano, part of a chain of volcanoes stretching from here to the Pacific Ocean. It’s in the news lately as it has been causing lots of earthquakes this week – and now steam is reportedly rising from the area. By lots of earthquakes I mean over 100 between .5 and 3.2 on the Richter Scale.

Volcanoligists (who may or may not live long and prosper, and are not to be confused with Vulcanoligists) are so excited about the news they’re shaking. (ba dum-dum-dum)

To be fair, the volcano in question is about 20km from Nazko itself, and probably won’t endanger anyone’s life. Their cattle, trees and other property however, that could be a different story.

On a tangential note – all our forests here are primarily Pine. We’ve been hit with a devastating case of Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic – all our pine is dead or dying. Our forests are dry and ready to be kindled by flaming lava flows – the real natural disaster here could be forest fire related, rather than seismic or volcanic.


It sounds cooler when I say my old house in Nazko is going to be covered in a heap of fiery magma.