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32 hours later…

I just phoned Jeff (it’s 11:13am on Wednesday), to see how things are going…

Sam is still in labour – her contractions are now 2 min. apart and lasting about 1 min. each.

That’s really all I know for now. I’ll post again when something more exciting happens.


Sam’s water broke at 11:55am today, and she’s now 6cm. YAY! I asked if this means we’ll be saying hello to the new one today… and Sam assured me that s/he will arrive today, even if she has to reach in and pull it out herself. Ahhh…Sam,SMILE



Labour Update

Just got a call from Jeff…

Sam is 3cm dialated and her contractions are 5 min. apart.

They are going out for lunch, and then heading back to the hospital to have the baby! I’m so excited!

Now the question is… Boy or Girl??

baby mickey-n-minnie

I’ll post more when I hear from Jeff again.