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Some reading to do…

Not many people are reading this anymore, but I thought I would point out some sites that my family is working on.

http://www.wheatfreefamily.com – D, Sam’s older sister, has a family that is wheat intolerant/allergic.  Because of this, and the challenges she’s faced trying to feed her family in a wheat free world she has started this website as an outlet for her discoveries and to provide the information she’s found to the rest of the world.

http://www.defianceart.com – Dianne is the proprietor of Defiance Art and Design.  I’ve mentioned her on my photography blog, but thought I’d mention her here too.  Dianne is (in my humble opinion) a genius with art and design. She’s smart, does modern design that feels timeless and is building a business in web design. (An official one now, she’s done it for some time as a sideline gig – I hope that’s not a bad description.)

http://qsquires.blogspot.com/– Sam’s Mother is blogging here, as Matriarch of the Squires.  Lots of family updates, waaaaay  more up to date than I am here.

http://jclossphoto.wordpress.com/ – Is my photography blog, in case any of you three readers have somehow missed it.  I am using it to chronicle my 52 weeks project (which is currently 1 photoshoot behind, as I’m not the greatest at staying up to date on editing) and to post general photography insights, tips and stories.

http://www.defianceart.com/JClossPhoto.htm – Will take you to the launch date page for my new website, which is in the works.  Dianne is helping me to build it, and it will launch on the 21st of this month.  I don’t have the domain registered right now, but when I do this image will be parked there as well.

Well – that’s us in a nutshell.  I have some more recipes I need to put up, and I should put up a general update soon as well.  Addison is 4 months old now, and growing.  She’s currently in the Jolly Jumper behind me having a ball.

Dylan is growing, and daily turning into a little girl.  She’s clever, and fearless.

Ivy is turning into a real gymnast.  She’s as precocious as ever, and constantly challenges us – usually in good ways!

More to come, stay tuned.

Baby Carriers of Supreme Awesomeness!

A good friend of ours, Amanda, is starting a home business selling baby carriers. Specifically she’s making copies/derivatives of an African baby carrier her mom brought home for her when she was in Africa.

Since I’m a pretty big fan of baby/parent contact, snuggling, breastfeeding and all that sentimental stuff, I thought I’d give her a shoutout here.

You can find her blog (which is very much a work in progress, I’m giving her what help I can) at babysgotback.wordpress.com

I know she’s going to be selling these things, and I think she’s going to be doing custom orders. I’m not sure what she’s asking, but you can probably send her an email ( littlesaintsatplay @ hotmail.com) and find out the details. Tell her I sent you.

My lolz.

A photo of a cat doing a seemingly-innocuous thing, with large text superimposed. Sort of an offshoot of the orly owl. Also called cat macros

“I made you a cookie but I eated it”, “ceiling cat is watching you masturbate”, and “I see what you did there” are good examples of lolcats.

My first lolcat attempt.
funny pictures
moar funny pictures


A photo of a child doing a seemingly innocuous thing, with large text superimposed. Sort of an offshoot of the lolcat.

My first attempt at a lolkid.
funny pictures
moar funny pictures

My second attempt:
funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Feel free to comment with links to your lolz.  You can upload a photo and make them at http://mine.icanhascheezburger.com/default.aspx Since I discovered lolcats and also discovered how cool children are, I’ve been wanting to get the ball rolling on this whole lolkids idea I have.

If you like lolcats, you need to check out this post @ livegranades.  It’s called loltrek, and you’ll giggle.  I almost guarantee it.


Kids and TV.

At raisingrusty.com several posts ago there was one about children and TV.  The synopsis is that “A study mentioned in Time Magazine by Dr. Zimmerman and Dr. Christakis at the University of Washington, notes that language development may actually be delayed by watching Baby Einstein DVDs.

Ryan pointed out that “I can say honestly I failed here. My children had almost every Baby Einstein ever made and they loved them. But too redeem myself, my dog has never watched a dog training video…yet.

(Incidentally, in case anyone takes this the wrong way, I like raisingrusty.com and enjoy it’s particular variety of humour…though I wish it was updated more often.)

In their comments I posted the following:

 My child watched some Baby Einstein videos, but generally wasn’t interested in them. With our next we want to use sign language videos – I’ve heard good things about a few.

Ours doesn’t get much TV, and what she does get it targeted for little children – and her vocabulary and animal/person recognition has risen considerably with what little TV she does get.

To which Ryan replied:

Ryan Lee said…

Thanks for the comment, Jeff.

My experience with baby sign language demonstrates not too expect too much. Some take to it and others just aren’t ready. Many kids will just need the ever important “milk”, “mom”, “play”, and “cookie.”

Inicdentally, I think this study is trying to convey that working directly with your daughter in baby sign would be better than using a video. There is just something about human contact that accelerates learning.

Good luck….tell us about it if you do.

Today I went back and wrote thusly:

  Jeff said…
Been awhile since I’ve been here. I would agree that working directly with your child will produce better results than expecting a video to teach them, but I also believe that a video can reinforce ideas that you’ve helped implant.
Ours is nearly two now. She uses 4 and 5 word sentences – though they may not be grammatically correct.
“Want daddy some socks please” is a good example – meaning she wants daddy to put on some socks please, not to get her some. ;)
She doesn’t watch alot of TV, compared to what I know some other kids her age watch – but she got her share of Baby Einstein and still gets her share of Treehouse – when she asks for it.
I don’t believe her vocabulary or language development is delayed at all by what TV she’s watched.
I will keep you updated how the next one turns out, if we do pursue baby signs more fully.

Do any of you have any sort of input on this?  Does anyone truly believe that watching TV will set a child back if they are otherwise properly educated?

What have you done with your children, what choices regarding TV have you made – and further, how do you feel about them?  Do you feel guilty or good about letting or not letting your infant, toddler or child watch TV?  Do you let them watch too much?  How much is that?


It’s my birthday this week.  Tomorrow in fact.

Samantha is planning something, and I’m not sure what it is.

It could be a trip to another town to stay in a hotel and go shopping or something, possibly leaving the little cutie behind for the first time ever.

It could be a barbecue and some magic cards and some friends.

Whichever extreme it is, I’m ok with it.  I’m actually excited and I’m not usually excited before my birthdays.  I’ll be 28 this one, and I have a cute little girl by adoption, a child in the making process, and a beautiful woman whom I love to spend my time with.

I have a job I’m happy with, a truck I love, and we have our own home to do renovations on.

This has been a good year.

…and the birthday surprise might include a jacuzzi tub.  ’nuff said.

Sippy Cup

This is a repost from my ex-blog at myspace. I wrote this late one night after a scary experience, and decided it was good enough to make the transition over here. If you’re reading this in a RSS reader the story is (should be) after the cut.

Sippy Cup – A Story

Upon reflection, my first mistake, like probably that of most men, began with (mostly) altruism .

It was the middle of the night and I heard the baby crying pitifully through the baby monitor. I thought to myself.

“Self”, Says I, “The baby is crying.”

“Yeah”, Says my tired man brain. “Get stuffed.”

“Self, if you was to get up and give the baby her juice and change her diaper, the mom might like it.”

“Yeah”. Says my still very tired man brain. “Get stuffed.”


“Yeah?” The response was sleepy now.

“Think about, how shall we say, the benefits.”


I got up.

I got the sippy cup.

I entered the tired, crying, child’s bedroom. There was entirely too much light, and the child was entirely too thirsty. I was tired, so everything was a little “too” something.

I changed the child. Figuring in my tired way that damp pants means a damp diaper, and that can’t be too comfortable to sleep in. Besides, I told myself, when I relate the story to the thankful girl in the morning, changing the kid makes me look better.

More like a hero.

We’ll get to that part.

Midnight juice and diaper changing duty done I tucked the newly pajama changed, diaper changed, juice filled girl into the crib. She promptly began to cry.

I wasn’t sure if this was worth the hassle, reward or no.

I took the sippy cup, and went back to bed. On my way back to the bed, something curious happened.

Just as I was approaching the bed, to put the sippy cup on the bedside table beside the baby monitor, the alarm clock, the water jug and the woman, (before scarpering back to my warm side of the bed and turning off my brain for a few more hours) she woke up.

She must have slept, much like I intended, through the part where I got up and got out of bed, and stumbled out of the room, and stubbed my toe and cursed and did my heroic midnight baby changing.

She must have slept well, and still thought I was beside her. Because the look of horror that crossed her face, thinking I was an intruder, was classic.

She clutched the bed, shrank back, and inhaled. Loudly.

You know the sound that girls make when the chainsaw wielding psychopath jumps out at the lone escaping hero near the end of the horror movie, right when you know he will and anticipation has been building for minutes on end? (Ok, that’s the sound I make, the girl normally screams.)

That’s what she did. Loudly.

“Hmmmmmmmmmmph!, Says she, shrinking back.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!” Says I, Frightened by her overly enthusiastic intake of breath.

That’s right, I screamed.

Then I made the worst mistake my overtired, overstressed, fight or flight animal/lizard hindbrain could have made.

I did the only thing I could.

I threw the sippy cup at her.


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