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Auntie Mimi

Mimi came over today.  It was a great visit.

She brought Ivy her birthday present – a big bag filled with clothes and shoes.  We can always count on Aunti Mimi for shoes and clothes.  And she has great taste too.  Awesome little jeans, they’re a little long (size 3) but they have a collapsable waist, which rocks.  A green striped sweater, and three pairs of awesome shoes.  She got them at something called The Children’s Place

And Sami got her Christmas present too – a cool wire whisk with a spiral coated whisk inside it.  It’s sweet, and one that she doesn’t already have – it can be tough to buy that girl whisks.

Yesterday we drove up to PG to go shopping.  We found a couple of small things, but nothing really spectacular.  We did get to go out for lunch with Greg and Kate though, and the company was awesome.  The food was pretty ok –  we hit up the new East Side Mario’s.  Service was alright, considering it was stupid busy.

We also got to go ring shopping, and we found a few contenders.  More on that later.


Ivy’s Super (bowl) Party!

Ivy’s second birthday party was today.  We served lots of snacks and had the plasma downstairs with the game on it in HD.  Looks good.

Ivy’s party has been a success so far, she got great presents, had good cake, and lots of fun snacks.  Oh yeah, and friends too!  Pictures forthcoming.


It’s my birthday this week.  Tomorrow in fact.

Samantha is planning something, and I’m not sure what it is.

It could be a trip to another town to stay in a hotel and go shopping or something, possibly leaving the little cutie behind for the first time ever.

It could be a barbecue and some magic cards and some friends.

Whichever extreme it is, I’m ok with it.  I’m actually excited and I’m not usually excited before my birthdays.  I’ll be 28 this one, and I have a cute little girl by adoption, a child in the making process, and a beautiful woman whom I love to spend my time with.

I have a job I’m happy with, a truck I love, and we have our own home to do renovations on.

This has been a good year.

…and the birthday surprise might include a jacuzzi tub.  ’nuff said.