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Spam Spam Spammity Spam

Mmm…Spammy goodness.

For a long time we didn’t get any spam comments on our blog.  Recently we’ve been elevated (hmm, that doesn’t sound right) to the ranks of blog spammage.

Which must mean that there are at least one or two clickthroughs per day, and that we have some random search terms showing up on google or another search engine.

Anyway – I just got the warm fuzzy toasty feeling of destroying 129 spam messages that have accrued over the last few days.   I also had one sneak through my spam filter and ask to be moderated.  However, I doubted that “Xanex Viagra ChEAp Drugs111” was a real user, and so sent them on to Akismet Spam Hell.

Hence the reason comments here are moderated.

I’m supposed to put up a picture of Ivy soon.  In a Ninja costume.  I’m going to do it too, because well, that’s just how I roll.

And Sami is going to make me a special dinner of spam with cloves and honey or something – this is a real food.  It seems fitting to eat Spam soon, so close to all our annoying spam messages.