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Puppy Power

Maybe puppies are good for something other than being cute and making poop.

I was up at 6:45 to shower, dress and take Stacy for a short walk.  Short because she gets tired out easily, she’s really little and really young.  I carried her back – what can I say?

Played with her and fed her at home – the girls will be up in an hour or so, and they’ll want to get dressed right away so they can go play with her too.  I need to get her dog run up, I don’t know if she’s too small to pull the trolley, but at least it’ll get her lead up higher where it won’t get tangled as much – and it’ll give her some more freedom.

We want her to be on the trolley until she’s big enough she can’t fit through the fence – and in the meantime we’re going to work on where our yard is – Maremma’s aren’t known for wandering, so that’s handy.

Yesterday’s photowalk (3 of 52) was down to the bottom of the yard to take pictures of a crazy arched birch tree.  I haven’t run them through post production yet, we’ll see what I got.  I wasn’t very inspired while working on them, so it could be  a bland set of shots.  At least the walk got done though.