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Ficlet Repost #2

Here is another one.  This one was a challenge as well, and the challenge was to tell a humorous holiday story using only dialogue.  I wanted to play around with accents, and this is what I came up with.  Let me know what you think.


 Christmas Ink {Kermitgorf Challenge}

“So, he just like, got it for me, y’know?”

“Really? He just got it for you?”

“Yeah, y’know. I’d been telling him I wanted one for a bit, droppin hints and stuff y’know.”

“Like – just … got it for you?”

“Yeah. How many times I hafta tell ya y’know. He dinnit say anyfing, just got it for me.”

“Wow. I wish my chappie was like that. I bin droppin hints for weeks about that wee locket at Hampsteads – he jus’ always tells me we aint got much free loot.”

“Yeah. Pretty nice right? I dinnit even have to drop many hints. Just nicked ‘is wallet and went and got it.”

“Nicked ‘is wallet? I thought you jus’ said he got it for you?”

“Yeah, that what I said? I guess he did right? Maybe he dinnit know he was, but he did it. And ‘sides, he’ll like it right?”

“Sure he’ll like it. I mean, what kind of chappie wouldn’t want ‘is tramp wearin somfing like that?”

“They spelled Chris’mas right dinnit they?”

“Yep. Good tattooers those chaps. But I thought ‘is name was Curt, not Burt?”


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Ficlet Repost #1

For those of you who don’t want to click my RSS to view my ficlets I’m liking so much, I thought I’d repost a few of them here. This one was I think the first I wrote for a challenge – a story that had requirements that needed to be met. In this case it had to contain certain words, which I bolded.  Let me know what you think.


Killer Clown (Stovohobo’s Challenge)

By Jeff Closs / SupRspi

As always I came upon the scene in medias res. The train had derailed and tumbled down an embankment, crushing a house.

And it’s occupant, or I wouldn’t be here.

I flashed my ID to the cop at the taped off perimeter.

“So, wierd as it looks?” I asked.

“You aren’t going to believe it sir. They say they need a TOD on the clown, think he’s been dead since before the accident.”


“Yessir. Clown. You better just go on inside.”

As I entered I knew why they were curious. The accident was only a couple hours old, and already the stench of death permeated the place, clinging to the flowered wallpaper like tar.

I entered what was the living room. The train’s cowcatcher had scooped up a sofa and an old gramophone, it’s horn bent and mangled.

The victim was indeed a clown, with a hooped costume barely concealing his avoirdupois and adorned with a fancifully large daisy boutonniere.

“Well” I said to the officer in charge, “obviously it was murder.”

“So, you see zee gunshot wound, yes?”


This story (like all ficlets) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License. What does this mean?

1024 Characters

Ficlets continues to entertain me.  I’ve got about 8 written, and most of them seem to be getting good reviews.  It’s challenging to write a contained piece of fiction in only 1024 characters – but when you finish a story and see that little “ficlet nirvana” instead of a count of how many characters over or under you are – it’s cool.

I’ve only managed it on two of them – the others are all under a bit.

Challenges are cool.  If you see stories of mine on the RSS feed on the right that have {suchandsuch challenge} in them, it means that I am writing within someone else’s proscribed rules.  Usually it includes using certain words (which I usually bold) but it can be anything.  These are the most interesting because they force you to write outside your comfort zone.

I’m off back to ficlets now – look for my stories, and feel free to comment and write your own.   In case you don’t want to wander over and read my stories there, I’m going to post a couple of them here over the next few days – ones I especially like for whatever reason.

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