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Pi Day!

It’s totally pi day! Word up!

It’s also Ashley’s birthday, so Ivy is super excited because she gets to go to a princess party.

Was up early this morning beginning an outline for a story – it it something worth finishing and trying to get published? Or like every other project I start will I get halfway there and lose interest. We’ve yet to see.



After a long hiatus following the wedding and honeymoon I appear to be back. We all know I’m not that motivated though, so we’ll see.

Lots of things are happening. Samantha and I have decided to put our house on the market – sell low, buy low. We figure we’ll work out on the upside if we take a small loss on what we could potentially make on this house, and buy a bigger one cheaper than we could in a better market as well. Trading up so to speak. We will need another bedroom soon anyway, right?

I have all sorts of ideas going round in my head about trying to write something again – we’ll see if that pans out.

The cool thing I forgot to blog about before my hiatus was that I was interviewing for a job with the School District. That didn’t turn out – but I hear they’re hiring again.

Um…think that’s it for now.

Coffee tastes good at 7am. ;)

Ciao for now.

Dinner, Games and Songs!

Well – dinner was pretty awesome.

Then we played Rock Band. \m/

Now Chris, Emille, Samantha and I are sitting around the living room playing Singstar on the PS2.  I figured I’d share a couple of the songs we’re singing, and you can draw your own conclusions of what our teenage years were like.  It’s the 90’s edition – so this is all stuff we all listened to during high school and elementary school.


First – Samantha

Then Chris…

Then Emille…. is upset that there is no Aqua on the disk.  In the meantime though he says this one represents him ok….


And finally – yours truly!



So – watcha think?


*Note.  No alcohol was consumed in the making of this evening.  The occasional note may have been harmed.

Some Quick Updates

Yep – just some quick ones.

1) Something interesting is happening.  I can’t talk about details yet, but I’ll let you all know when I know the final details – probably Wednesday afternoon.

2) As you probably know, Chris is back and out of the hospital.  He’s staying with us for a while, while he recovers.  We’re pumping calories into him at an astronomical rate.  Hopefully we can have him good and fat soon.

3) I’ve signed up on  It’s a fitness and nutrition tracking site.  I’m trying to sort of diet = 1850 calories or less per day.  So far it’s going pretty good. 

4) In that regard I’ve recently put a post up on my fitness blog –  I’m planning to add to it more regularly again.

5) I’m writing this on my laptop with no internet connection.  If all goes well this should publish when I get to an internet connection later in the day.  What fascinating modern times we live in.

6) Going to Kamloops soon.  Have an appointment with a specialist about my back disease.  I’m hoping for some sort of miracle drug that takes away my pain and lets me sleep full nights again.  That would be cool. 

7) Spore is pretty cool.  I’ve been playing offline only in  my “liberated” version.  Now that EA/Maxis has said that they’ll be changing the copy protection to allow five activations and are putting in place a tool to “de-authorize” activated computers (much like iTunes) I’ll consider buying it if I don’t get it for my birthday.

8) Which is coming up soon!  I’m getting oldish.

9) Dylan is officially a 6mo.  That’s pretty cool.  She’s loving real people food – although she only gets to gum bread and rice crackers and stuff to death.  The occasional bit of rice cereal.  Y’know – baby stuff.

10) People are coming over tonight.  It’s officially a wedding planning exercise, garnished with a fresh beef roast and veggies.  I think Scott is planning to add a topping of Rock Band Fun after we get the work part done.  Since Ivy pooped in the potty it’s also going to be her potty pooping party we’ve been promising her since we started this whole potty training affair.  And what an affair it’s been!\

11) Ivy pooped in the potty!!!!!  YAY! Word! Dude! Party Time! Excellent! (guitar solo) Sweeeeeeeet!

12) I rode my bike to work today.  Chilly.  I had to scrape frost off the seat, put on a scarf, and wear ski-doo gloves.  It was pretty cold, but once you get to 100km/h at least your helmet unfogs!  Awesome!  I’m guessing this will be one of my last commutes this year on the bike, and prolly one of the last times I get to ride before I have to winterize the little baby and put it away for the winter.  Sad me.

I miss my Fiancee

Fiancee?  One “e” or two?

Either way, I miss her.  She’s been in Kamloops with Chris since last week, Wednesday or Thursday if I recall correctly.  We went down to see them on the weekend, and that was good.

Chris is looking way better.  His weight is up.  He’s less yellow – not Bart Simpson anymore, or atleast, not as badly.

He’s in Vancouver for a surgery today – ERCP – something to do with inflating baloons in his liver to expand the bile ducts.  I heare some surgeons are so adept with the tools they use that they can tie tiny baloon animals inside a patients bile ducts.  I hope the one he has is one of those.  Chris could use a miniature elephant keeping his ducts open.

Anyway – I miss Sam.  We got our basement windows done, which means that I lost my phone service until I rewire the jack that used to be mounted on the old window sill.  I also seem to have lost my cellular telephone somewhere, which means that even if Sam called me I can’t answer.  I wrote her an email, but at the time it takes for an email to trudge it’s way down the intertubes to Kamloops I might as well be sending smoke signals.  Or something almost but not quite entirely unlike that.

I think she’s coming home on Friday.  Maybe Thursday night if all goes well and she’s so desperate to come home that she can’t sleep.  We’ll see

If you’re reading this Sam – I miss you.  I love you.  Come back home to me soon, and safely. (oh, and bring Dylan.  Ivy and I miss her. :) )

Homeward bound

I’m in the van, heading home from Kluskus.  It was a pretty good trip really.  Travel time is 2.5 hours either way, and we managed to spend only 4 hours onsite in the village.  We fixed the Internet, got about 12 computers networked, set up a couple printers and overall tidied things up.


I’m not sure how Chris is doing, or whether he’s been transferred out of Quesnel yet.  I’ll know by the time I get this posted though, as I won’t have Internet for another hour or so.

New Laptop

This thing is pretty sweet.  It’s an HP convertable tablet PC.  That means we can flip the screen around and use it as a tablet, or use it as a normal laptop.  It’s got a 12" LCD, 3GB of RAM, 250GB of hard drive space and a decent little onboard video card.


I’ll be taking it to Kluskus tomorrow for work, then Sam will be taking it to the ‘loops when she goes down with Chris.  It’s got other fancy stuff, but for now, that’s all you need to know.


PS – if you’re in q-town and you want to go see Chris I suggest you do so right away – he’s going down to Kamloops soon, and good.  Hopefully the hospital down there can get him better faster than they’ve been able to so far here.


Ciao for Now