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Crofton Forks – a Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Setting

I’m working on an adventure setting for Dungeons and Dragons. Sami and I are planning on playing for the first time in a long time, so I started thinking about a place to run some really simple adventures. As so often is the case, the idea has blossomed and grown. Now I’ve got a few cities and towns built, and idea, and I’m working on the background.

So much for a simple “go kill some orcs and re-learn D&D combat before we play with our group” adventure. Actually – that’ll still happen. This is just the setting building blocks – giving me a setting of my own to tell my own stories in.

If you like it, you can use it yourself, or modify it for your use. I’m going to be releasing it under a Creative Commons licence – so it’ll be free to use as long as you give attribution where it’s due.

You can go check out my Crofton Forks blog if you like, that’s where I’ll be organizing the information. This is in a way I guess, my first foray into self publishing – however, it’s not for pay – just a way to stretch my legs a bit.

Let me know what you think.


Our Family Stories

I launched a new blog today.

Ourfamilystories is a blog that is inviting contributions from anyone, anywhere in the world. I’m working on copyright license right now, but probably they will be released under a Creative Commons license with the authors permission.

I invite you all to take a look, and let me know what you think about this idea I’ve gone and had.


This time it’s Tineke.

Tineke has a photography business called Northern Persona Photography.  What is it with all my friend’s being photographers?  Seriously, this makes 3 professional photographers now.  Starla, Lisa and Tineke. (Note to me, I don’t have Lisa’s website linked anywhere, need to find the URL)

Tineke’s shots featured on her blog are pretty amazing – being my local photographer friend she’s probably the one I’d end up going to.  It’s tough though, because I wouldn’t want Lisa for example to feel like I’m sidelining her, cause she’s awesome too.  Starla I don’t see enough – so not as much guilt there – though if you’re interested in photos you should probably check out her blog as well.

Blogroll Updated

I was cruising my blog stats and found a URL sending people here I didn’t recognize!  So i did some investigative reading and discovered something interesting.

Natasha has a blog!

I put a link to Natasha’s Bloggy on my blogroll.

Tasha is my friend’s (I call him a cousin) fiancee.  We generally don’t hang out in the same circles, but we try to get together with her and Jeremy at least once in a while, especially for gaming nights etc.

One of her stated goals for this coming year is to lose some weight, so I think I’m going to ask her if she’s interested in writing some stuff on my other blog, runfatboyrun.

Yes, I do realize she’s a girl.  Doesn’t mean she can’t op-ed every once in a while though. ;)


I’ve added a couple of links to my blogroll.

Starla’s site, The Comings and Goings of Starla, is written by a good friend of me.  A very active mother of 3, she lives far away now and we don’t see enough of her.  She’s an amazing photographer, and has 3 cute children.  She’s working on staying active and healthy, and providing some motivation for me, so I’ve also mentioned her on my other blog, runfatboyrun.

I’ve also added Davey’s blog, Irrational Geek.  He’s done some game review, some journals of his computer building and some other geek-a-liscious stuff.  He’d probably be pumped if you stopped by and left him a comment or two.


Today Josh and Lori are coming over to play Magic: The Gathering. Emille might come too. I got paid, so I get to buy a few cards – not sure yet what I’m going to buy, I have a few decks on the go.

Worldwide D&D Game Day is coming up! This sounds like it may be the awesomest thing I don’t get to do on November 3, because I live in the frigid north where there are no game or comic book stores.

D&D is one of those fallbacks for me. It brings me back to my childhood, and making the friendships that have survived since orcs and kobolds.

I will always remember my first adventure when I was but 9 years old. Talking to a tree that spoke in riddles and having my friend put on a cursed helmet that kept shrinking. We only got three questions, and he ruined the last one by asking how to get the helmet off his head. Good times.

As we got older, we always went back to D&D. I played D&D, AD&D and then D&D 3rd edition. D&D 3.5 came out shortly afterwords and I had to buy the core rulebooks for that too (which is actually still my favourite version).

I toyed with D&D Miniatures, and I’ve always had a love for misshapen blobs of lead or pewter with paint stuck to them. Some I’ve done are sad creations, and others are works of art.

Wil Wheaton popped this onto my radar today, with this appropriate remark:

“Wizards has wisely created 4th level characters for the festivities, so players won’t have to suffer the indignity of being killed by a single kobold. On the other hand, players won’t get to enjoy the rite of passage we all enjoyed the first time we were killed by a single kobold, while trying in vain to defend ourselves by casting Light.”

So, if you live somewhere you can get to one of these things, and have fond memories of D&D as I do, round someone up or go alone, and perhaps give it another go.

Maybe I’ll try to organize some kind of little event around my place for this…although knowing me, that would turn into a campaign, and then I’d have to plan and plot and DM and stuff.

Hmm…maybe I’ll stick to Magic.

Sign Language

Misty @ Live Granades writes about sign language today:

“I can’t tell you the amount of frustration his ability to sign cut down. Many times when he was tired, a sign would ease the way to compromise. We didn’t do the endless pointing and asking, “Is this what you want? No? How about this?” And it gave him some power. Even without vocalized words he could still let us know what he needed. We also got an excellent start on good manners. To this day, he will still sometimes make the sign for ‘please’ when he says it out loud. I was continually amazed at him making signs for stuff and me for understanding what he wanted.”

Sign language is something we talked about with Ivy but never followed through on.  I think this is one thing that we’ll probably change with the upcoming baby – Misty has some good book recommendations that I’ll be taking a look at.