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Some Quick Updates

Yep – just some quick ones.

1) Something interesting is happening.  I can’t talk about details yet, but I’ll let you all know when I know the final details – probably Wednesday afternoon.

2) As you probably know, Chris is back and out of the hospital.  He’s staying with us for a while, while he recovers.  We’re pumping calories into him at an astronomical rate.  Hopefully we can have him good and fat soon.

3) I’ve signed up on  It’s a fitness and nutrition tracking site.  I’m trying to sort of diet = 1850 calories or less per day.  So far it’s going pretty good. 

4) In that regard I’ve recently put a post up on my fitness blog –  I’m planning to add to it more regularly again.

5) I’m writing this on my laptop with no internet connection.  If all goes well this should publish when I get to an internet connection later in the day.  What fascinating modern times we live in.

6) Going to Kamloops soon.  Have an appointment with a specialist about my back disease.  I’m hoping for some sort of miracle drug that takes away my pain and lets me sleep full nights again.  That would be cool. 

7) Spore is pretty cool.  I’ve been playing offline only in  my “liberated” version.  Now that EA/Maxis has said that they’ll be changing the copy protection to allow five activations and are putting in place a tool to “de-authorize” activated computers (much like iTunes) I’ll consider buying it if I don’t get it for my birthday.

8) Which is coming up soon!  I’m getting oldish.

9) Dylan is officially a 6mo.  That’s pretty cool.  She’s loving real people food – although she only gets to gum bread and rice crackers and stuff to death.  The occasional bit of rice cereal.  Y’know – baby stuff.

10) People are coming over tonight.  It’s officially a wedding planning exercise, garnished with a fresh beef roast and veggies.  I think Scott is planning to add a topping of Rock Band Fun after we get the work part done.  Since Ivy pooped in the potty it’s also going to be her potty pooping party we’ve been promising her since we started this whole potty training affair.  And what an affair it’s been!\

11) Ivy pooped in the potty!!!!!  YAY! Word! Dude! Party Time! Excellent! (guitar solo) Sweeeeeeeet!

12) I rode my bike to work today.  Chilly.  I had to scrape frost off the seat, put on a scarf, and wear ski-doo gloves.  It was pretty cold, but once you get to 100km/h at least your helmet unfogs!  Awesome!  I’m guessing this will be one of my last commutes this year on the bike, and prolly one of the last times I get to ride before I have to winterize the little baby and put it away for the winter.  Sad me.


Ankylosing Spondylitis?

It may be.

What, you may ask, is Ankylosing Spondylitis?  A new type of bug?  A bacteria growing in my toilet?

Nope.  It’s none of these silly things you never thought it was.

AS may however be the answer to why I’ve been having recurring rectal bleeding for the last few years, and recurring back pain for the last 8.

My physician recently did some blood tests and x-rays of my back.  He found that I have sacroiliitis, an inflamation in the sacroiliac joint. This may be the result of several years of Ankylosing Spondylitis.  (See, you know I wouldn’t leave you without a link to follow)

Now – from what I can tell, AS is uncurable,  degeneritive, and causes chronic back pain and deformity of the spine.  It sounds bad.  It is an autoimmune disease, and responds well to immunosuppresants – as long as the patient doesn’t develop any infections while on them.

It can cause injury if a patient with advanced spinal rigidity falls or has an accident, as the spinal cord is more easily damaged in a rigid spine – however, that is an advanced case.

I need to see a Rheumatologist to properly diagnose me – and really, I’m going to be doing the same things I’m doing now, but with different drugs so I sleep better at night and bleed out my anus less.  Sounds good to me. (Or I won’t have it, and that’ll be even cooler – unless they invent something worse for me to have!)

It could cause problems down the road, but it seems to be a slow acting disease, so I’m unlikely to see immediate worsening of symptoms.  I guess the downside is that I’m already 8-10 years into it, as it’s visible on an x-ray.  But hey – we take what we get right?

Anyway – doubtless more to come on this topic as I find out more.