BBQ Nachos!

Wow.  BBQ nachos turned out awesome!

We used Tostitos lime chips, you could use anything, although your mileage may vary.

Chips + Cheese + Green onions.  Lay on tray covered in tinfoil.

Get BBQ hawt!  Put the nachos away from the direct heat, up on a rack, preferably with no burners on directly underneath – ours is pretty big so it was easy.

The nachos turned out awesome!  They were a bit limey, and they were smokey, and they were just amazingly awesome.  We didn’t even need very much cheese to enjoy them.  This one is a winner, together with some burgers and hotdogs on the grill, it’s a nice way to break up the monotony they you sometimes get when you’re barbecuing all summer.


3 responses to “BBQ Nachos!

  1. OMG – never heard of such a thing! What a great idea. Did it take long to heat through or were you just really melting the cheese? Was it necessary to cover them? or would leaving them uncovered give it more smokey taste? Definite must for our next family bbq.

  2. So we tried it out. Cooked some hamburger up in the taco seasonings and then coated them with cheese, tomatoes, green onions and the hamburger. We didn’t cover them and kept two burners on low (smaller bbq so no rack up high or anything) and they turned out fantastic.
    Thanks for the great idea. Made for a perfect Sunday dinner when it was hot out. I didn’t have to heat the kitchen up with the oven!

  3. We found they tase awsome when you are cooking something meaty on the bbq at the same time. We were doing hot dogs for the kids at the time and it gave the whole thing a smokey meaty taste, and we have since learnt that the lime tortilla chips were definitly an enhancement to the whole dish, even tho i dont usually eat the lime chips.

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