My blog has been left unattended


I’ve been really bad at updating.  I dont’ know why, it isn’t as though life has become un-interesting.

Samantha is pregnant again, most of you should already know that.

I’ve been getting creative with our camera, entered a couple of contests, going to enter a couple more.

I havn’t been writing much, but I did write a book for Ivy.  I’m thinking of finding someone to do the artwork for it (sort of for free, possible profits involved….call me or email me if you’re interested!) and then self-publishing it via one of the print-on-demand publishers out there. (no, not vanity publishing, real, for sale sort of publishing.

I’ve been entering contests like mad to win either a new motorcycle or a fancier camera.  Not that I need either, but y’know.  In that vein, I’ve found some neat photos via Scott Bourne (and that link will enter me in more contests, as will this one, to his sister blog “Managing My Digital Life“) but also, his reviews, photos and contests are amazing.

My other photo stuff I’ve been doing is on Digital Photography School – and the amount I’ve learned about composition there is phenomenal!  So much I really can’t keep it all in my head.  I need to go out and take more pictures and practice!

Anyway – a blog post to remind myself to make more of them.  I hope you enjoy, I hope you read, and I hope you call me or email me if I havn’t talked to you in a while – life has an unfortunate habit of putting friends and family out of touch.

As an update of how life is going and how the children are growing, here is a photo I recently entered into a portrait contest. (I’m not so good at portraits, the good composition elements here are luck!)




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