After a long hiatus following the wedding and honeymoon I appear to be back. We all know I’m not that motivated though, so we’ll see.

Lots of things are happening. Samantha and I have decided to put our house on the market – sell low, buy low. We figure we’ll work out on the upside if we take a small loss on what we could potentially make on this house, and buy a bigger one cheaper than we could in a better market as well. Trading up so to speak. We will need another bedroom soon anyway, right?

I have all sorts of ideas going round in my head about trying to write something again – we’ll see if that pans out.

The cool thing I forgot to blog about before my hiatus was that I was interviewing for a job with the School District. That didn’t turn out – but I hear they’re hiring again.

Um…think that’s it for now.

Coffee tastes good at 7am. ;)

Ciao for now.


One response to “Back?

  1. the subtle mention of needing another bedroom was cute.

    congrats on the pending arrival. :)

    …better be a friend for Thor this time! :P

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