Dinner, Games and Songs!

Well – dinner was pretty awesome.

Then we played Rock Band. \m/

Now Chris, Emille, Samantha and I are sitting around the living room playing Singstar on the PS2.  I figured I’d share a couple of the songs we’re singing, and you can draw your own conclusions of what our teenage years were like.  It’s the 90’s edition – so this is all stuff we all listened to during high school and elementary school.


First – Samantha

Then Chris…

Then Emille…. is upset that there is no Aqua on the disk.  In the meantime though he says this one represents him ok….


And finally – yours truly!



So – watcha think?


*Note.  No alcohol was consumed in the making of this evening.  The occasional note may have been harmed.


2 responses to “Dinner, Games and Songs!

  1. So on my British version of 90s Singstar I don’t have any of those songs (I don’t even recognise the first two though, must not’ve made the leap over the ocean). But how come your Canadian version has Chumbawumba on it and mine doesn’t?! So unfair.

    Ah well at least mine has Aqua.

    …and Billy Ray Cyrus for some reason.

  2. I love Emille’s :)

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