I miss my Fiancee

Fiancee?  One “e” or two?

Either way, I miss her.  She’s been in Kamloops with Chris since last week, Wednesday or Thursday if I recall correctly.  We went down to see them on the weekend, and that was good.

Chris is looking way better.  His weight is up.  He’s less yellow – not Bart Simpson anymore, or atleast, not as badly.

He’s in Vancouver for a surgery today – ERCP – something to do with inflating baloons in his liver to expand the bile ducts.  I heare some surgeons are so adept with the tools they use that they can tie tiny baloon animals inside a patients bile ducts.  I hope the one he has is one of those.  Chris could use a miniature elephant keeping his ducts open.

Anyway – I miss Sam.  We got our basement windows done, which means that I lost my phone service until I rewire the jack that used to be mounted on the old window sill.  I also seem to have lost my cellular telephone somewhere, which means that even if Sam called me I can’t answer.  I wrote her an email, but at the time it takes for an email to trudge it’s way down the intertubes to Kamloops I might as well be sending smoke signals.  Or something almost but not quite entirely unlike that.

I think she’s coming home on Friday.  Maybe Thursday night if all goes well and she’s so desperate to come home that she can’t sleep.  We’ll see

If you’re reading this Sam – I miss you.  I love you.  Come back home to me soon, and safely. (oh, and bring Dylan.  Ivy and I miss her. :) )


One response to “I miss my Fiancee

  1. fiancé – masculine
    fiancée – feminine.

    so in reference to Samantha, she’s your fiancée and you’re her fiancé.

    informative and awesome, thats me

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