New Laptop

This thing is pretty sweet.  It’s an HP convertable tablet PC.  That means we can flip the screen around and use it as a tablet, or use it as a normal laptop.  It’s got a 12" LCD, 3GB of RAM, 250GB of hard drive space and a decent little onboard video card.


I’ll be taking it to Kluskus tomorrow for work, then Sam will be taking it to the ‘loops when she goes down with Chris.  It’s got other fancy stuff, but for now, that’s all you need to know.


PS – if you’re in q-town and you want to go see Chris I suggest you do so right away – he’s going down to Kamloops soon, and good.  Hopefully the hospital down there can get him better faster than they’ve been able to so far here.


Ciao for Now


One response to “New Laptop

  1. Grats on the laptop, it sounds sweet! Please send mine and jers best wishes to Chris, we hope he gets better soon as well! We havent had a chance to visit him :(

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