Something I didn’t know before…

Interesting note about copyright in Canada (and the US, wording is different).  I didn’t know this before – I automatically assumed that the creator of a work was the first owner of the work.  However, this is different when the work is a “work made for hire”.  Here is the relevent tidbit.

Section 13(2) of the Canadian Copyright Act states that the copyright owner is the one who commissions and pays for the �engraving, photograph or portrait. In other words, provided a client or buyer commissions the production of a photograph and pays for such a work, the client/buyer automatically holds the copyright on the photograph and/or �engraving – not the photographer or person who created the �engraving – unless the buyer and photographer/creator have an agreement to the contrary.


So.  If you hire a photographer, unless you sign an agreement to the contrary, you automatically own the copyright on the photos taken as soon as you fnish paying for them.



One response to “Something I didn’t know before…

  1. So…would that mean that the high school graduate photos that you get that have copyright all over them…shouldnt have copyright all over them??? lol

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