Wedding Info!

For all those that are interested, here’s the current state of affairs.

1) Invitation lists are being made and invitations considered.  Do we really need RSVP cards with return postage in this fancy new digital age?

2) We have an email for wedding stuff at  You can email us there if you like.

3) We’re looking at favour ideas now.  Right now we’re favouring (har har) scarves.  We’ll see  how that goes.

4) Um, don’t know.  More to come I guess.

5) Oh, I’m going to make a page about the wedding and where our registries and whatnot are – you’ll be able to find it in the top right hand corner when I get it done.


One response to “Wedding Info!

  1. Yay Jeff and Sam! I know this is inexcusably late, but it’s the first I’ve visited here since we were off getting married ourselves.

    Don’t worry too much about paper rsvp’s. Anyone who can’t respond by email, phone, or on a website form when they’re on the web all the damn time anyway likely wouldn’t be able to put a stamped addressed envelope in the mail, either. ahem…Or so I’ve heard…

    Congratulations! I’m so excited for you!

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