A “Modest” Proposal

So.  I proposed to Samantha weekend before last.  Saturday July 12th, for the record.

She said “yes”.  Whew!

So – now we’re planning a wedding.  I remember doing this before – it’s full of suck.  But there is lots of good stuff involved too – and I’m really, really excited.

I’ve always been a fan of “elegance”.  I like nice things – even if they’re unobtainable.  So this wedding will be Sami’s chance to shine – she’ll be a queen of elegance for the day (well, even more so than she already is) – but I want to be a suitable accessory to her.  I want to look as dashing as I possibly can, in hopes of somehow convincing our wedding guests that I deserve to stand next to her.

I’m looking for a tailor now to alter some clothes or make them from scratch.  I need prices, and sources.  I have ideas of what I want to wear, but I need to try stuff on and see what it’s like.  I have some work ahead of me I think.

What I want to wear is:

  • A Morning Coat (preferably in oxford grey)
  • Double-Breasted Vest (with high collar)
  • High-peaked wingtip or foldover collar shirt with removable collar in white. Possibly blue and white striped, with french cuffs in white.
  • Ascot or Silk-Puff Tie
  • Appropriate striped trousers
  • Fancy Socks
  • Balmoral boots with white tops.
  • Maybe white spats.
  • Black or White Gloves
  • A top hat or bowler.  I’ve found a nice bowler, so I’ll see how a top hat looks somehow.

Sometime soon I’ll try and put some pictures up on here to describe better what my words are lacking.  I’ve been doing research into what a groom traditionally should wear, and it sounds like what I have picked out is very traditional.

Any input is appreciated.

Oh, and I guess I’ll have to arrange rental stuff for my groomsmen.  Scott and Josh have agreed to dress up fancy with me and get me to the altar on time, so I have to find affordable options for them, since I’m too cheap to get their stuff too.

Although, I’ll be buying their gloves, their ties and possibly some other accoutrements.

Oh, PS.

We don’t have a date yet, but we’re aiming for January 30th, 24th or 17th of 2009 – depending on hall rentals and whatnot.


5 responses to “A “Modest” Proposal

  1. Congrats you guys! Good thing I logged on here and checked your blog!

  2. WHOA! YAY! Congrats! Can you feel the excitement! SUPER DUPER AWESOMEST! See you guys in a few days!

    Love Lisa

  3. Congrats again you Two!!! I’m like retardely excited lmfao i love weddings! And you have totally described the wedding i’ve always wanted lol Top hat and all!!! You’re lucky :( I’m glad Jer and I had our wedding the way we did though…otherwise we’d be flat broke and most likely living on the streets if i had it my way lol.. The reception on the other hand..i’ve already warned Jer that i want elegance…and chair covers… Mwahahahahah lol… Happy for the both of you…and love the ring! it’s awesome! and not pokey and scratchy like mine :( lol

  4. I am sooo excited for you!! I am a true romantic and an absolutely huge fan of love and weddings! Congrats!!

    PS> Also glad I found your blog!!

  5. Congrats to both of you. And I’m sure you’ll look dashing whatever you wear Jeff. Though take the advice of an Englishman and don’t wear a bowler hat to your wedding :P .

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