Camera is D – E – D.

Well, the battery anyway.

We went to the Billy Barker Day’s Parade yesterday.  It was over an hour long, and I snapped a bunch of pics.  Before that we’d gone to Barkerville, and I’d snapped a couple of pictures. Or so.

And Morgan came and did a photo shoot and we all had a water fight.  Which was made of awesome.  So I took a couple of pictures.

And before that Dianne and Shane and the boys were here.  So I’d snapped a couple of pics.

I’m pretty sure I need a Flickr pro account now.  I have a lot of pics to upload.

Also, just a note from a web-geekery point of view.  What’s up with the Billy Barker Day’s Website that there is no parade route or time listed anywhere I can find it?  Am I blind?  Am I looking like a man does, and it’s hiding in plain sight?  Or is it actually…..y’know…..not there?  That’s pretty much inexcuseable in today’s internet age.

I wouldn’t be grumpy if there weren’t a website purporting to have information, but y’know, there is.  So the information should be there.


2 responses to “Camera is D – E – D.

  1. …I used one of them fancy BBDays programs. It’s printed on this ancient stuff called paper… ;) Had a parade route AND times.

  2. …which would be awesome. If I hadn’t just got up, started getting kids ready, and was somewhere other than home.

    And if my next stop wasn’t the parade.

    And if I hadn’t found this site full of information about Billy Barker Days.

    I know they make money selling programs, which are pretty awesome. We borrowed one from our neighbor at the parade. But to not have that info on the website just seems silly. Even to just have the time would have been cool.

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