Nature Walk

We went for a picnic today at a local park. It’s constantly being expanded by the city, and is now our largest park. It has a couple of ball diamonds, a great kids park, new tennis courts, gardens, lawn bowling and, as we discovered today, a great network of trails through the wetlands.

We took the kids for a nature walk. Amanda, Gabe and Anna came, and I met Samantha, Ivy and Dylan after work. We had wraps and salad, played with the kids in the playground, then went hiking.

I have some pictures, because they can say it better than I can.

Playing the the playground, on the teeter-totter.

Playing with Auntie in the sandbox.

Daddy helping climb on the equipment.

We saw a puppy getting a walk and playing fetch. Her name was Kia and she likes kids. The kids liked her too, but she was moving around quickly, so made them sort of nervous.

We wanted to play in the pond, but Mommy and Auntie said No!

Off we went, down the trail.

A tree blocking the path. Ivy and Gabriel helped me move it so Mom and Auntie could get under.

We found a little creek before we turned around. The kids (and I) had to throw stones into it.

The next two photos I took looking onto the pond at the geese, with Auntie Amanda and the kids in front of it. I almost captured how sunny our day was with the glare!

At the end we got to sit on Daddy’s motorbike while Mom and Auntie and Daddy packed up the truck.  (Note the super awesome Dale Ernhardt Jr. screen from the dollar store.  Hey, it was a buck.  No, I’m not a race fan.)


One response to “Nature Walk

  1. Wow… I didn’t know they had expanded that park so much… shows how much I go over to that part of town!!

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