Baby Carriers of Supreme Awesomeness!

A good friend of ours, Amanda, is starting a home business selling baby carriers. Specifically she’s making copies/derivatives of an African baby carrier her mom brought home for her when she was in Africa.

Since I’m a pretty big fan of baby/parent contact, snuggling, breastfeeding and all that sentimental stuff, I thought I’d give her a shoutout here.

You can find her blog (which is very much a work in progress, I’m giving her what help I can) at

I know she’s going to be selling these things, and I think she’s going to be doing custom orders. I’m not sure what she’s asking, but you can probably send her an email ( littlesaintsatplay @ and find out the details. Tell her I sent you.


2 responses to “Baby Carriers of Supreme Awesomeness!

  1. Do you know if she plans on making any other styles?? The back carriers make me nervous… but there are some really great sling styles out there that I’m researching for my little bundle. :)

  2. So far she’s only doing back carriers. I asked her about it on Saturday at the Farmers Market, and she said she only knows how to make the one, but she might experiment.

    The back carriers are a little freaky to me. I love the idea, but until baby can hold his/her head up by itself, I don’t know how good they’d be.

    Interesting though, in Africa they have a whole society of baby carrying, because Mom’s have to work after baby. No year of maternity leave for them. Interesting to ponder whether that’s a good thing or not. I’m sure the real answer is “in some ways and not others”.

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