New Motorcycle!

I got my bike!  After years of working towards getting a bike Sam helped me get one.  I’ll be using it for day to day transportation to and from work, as well as a little bit of extra solo riding.

I need to get my MST (motorcycle skills test) done so that my liscence will have the 60km/h speed limit and supervisor restrictions removed so that I can commute on it until I do my road test and get my full Class 6 designation.

Until then, a couple of pics.  We’ll start with a pretty girl on a motorcycle, cause that’s pretty cool, then some pics of me on my bike in my gear. (Minus my awesome Alter-Ego armoured pants that I didn’t want to pull on just for a pic.)

*I added more tag so as not to blow up someone’s RSS reader.

Here’s me, and my gear.  Thanks for taking pics Ken.

I guess I have more updates to come, but this is what I’m super excited about right now.


4 responses to “New Motorcycle!

  1. awww ivys too cute. Super freaking sweet ride tho dude! like the jacket too….looks better on rather than in a bag lol

  2. It’s always exciting to finally be able to get that thing which you have been scrimping and saving for for so long! Take it easy, no showing off (that’s when you get hurt), I mean the bike is nice enough I don’t think you need to attempt any wheelies or find out how fast it really goes. Love ya

    Lisa and James

    PS You do look pretty cool just sitting there even ;)

  3. Looking pretty badass there Jeff. Just remember: “Clutch and braaaaaake”, “Cancel, cancel, cancel”, and ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time).

  4. Yeah dude for sure.

    Thanks for the ride the other day, I’m still grinning.

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