We’re Baaaaaack!

We got home today.  I’ve got pics of Dylan uploading into flickr right now, but we have to jet out.  I’ll put a longer post up when I get back, and I’ll put some of those pictures on the front page as well.

So for now, yes, she is beautiful.  She’s a perfect little baby girl, and we’re both really excited.  She’s getting to meet her family and friends, and we are  home.  You can phone us at home and we’ll try to answer.  You can feel free to stop by, and we’ll most likely be home, but no promises!

If you check our most recent flickr uploads on the right hand side you should be able to see the pics as my flickr uploader gets them on there.  I need to buy a flickr account so I can put up more pics and make more albums.

Talk to you later!  Thanks everyone! And thank you especially to Erin for updating our site while things were going on.  We talked to some people who enjoyed it, and we’re very thankful!


5 responses to “We’re Baaaaaack!

  1. Hey Jeff! I am soo happy for you! Congrats on the baby! You and your family are adorable, and you look so happy!! This is Sarah by the way…Not sure if you will remember me. But congrats

  2. Congrats!!!!! WOW Sam you are amazing!!! One strong woman!!! Hope we get to meet her soon and hang out with you guys again!!

  3. She’s beautiful you guys…

    just beautiful. Can’t wait until I get my chance to snuggle with her :)

  4. Congratulations to you both.

    Renzi/Jeff, Former DJ Looo told me to congratulate you and to tell your partner (Sam) “grats and good job”.

  5. Congrats! I’m so happy for you two. I can’t wait to meet Dylan. I hope Sam gets some time to relax over the next few weeks.


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