Sam and I are culinary geeks.  We have some credentials to start with, nothing fancy, but we’ve both worked in different types of kitchens making and serving different types of foods.  We love food, and we love making it.

Both of us are good cooks, and both of us cook differently.  I tend to cook from my tastes and memory.  I know what things taste like, feel like, and I can somehow predict how they’ll combine to create an end result.  I bake from a recipe – strictly.  I sift my flour and measure everything.

Sam grew up in a home that always was feeding lots of people.  She’s great at combining pre-made ingredients to make awesome meals.  Where I might look down my nose at a can of cream of mushroom soup as a sauce, she’ll embrace it, and have me going to the pot for seconds.  And thirds, much to the dismay of my waist.

Sam bakes from memory – she knows how her favourite recipes work and she does it with cookbook open beside her, barely looking at it.  She doesn’t bother with precise measurements, cause she somehow knows that it’ll work out.

We’re pretty demanding on our kitchen tools.  We want strong long lasting pots and pans, good knives and we both like gadgets.  The pride of my collection is my knife Scott bought me in Japan.  It’s hand made by a family that’s been making knives for centuries (since 1560 )- it’s spectacularly sharp and keeps it’s edge a long time.  And it has my name on it in Japanese.

We’ve been looking at new pots for a while.  We have an orange kitchen, and we found that Rachael Ray has a pot/pan set out with orange handles, we got a bit excited.  We haven’t found an excuse to buy a set yet, but we’re working on it.  Today I hit up Rachael’s site, and found a couple of nifty things.

1) A set of Rachael Ray knives that I might like to add to my collection.  They have orange handles, and look pretty awesome – though I don’t think they can compare to my Aritsugu.

2) The pot set we want to get is this one – there is an all orange version, but it’s inferior in quality, though it is cheaper.

3) Yum-O!  This is Rachael Ray’s no profit organization dedicated to empowering kids and their families to develop healthy relationships with food and cooking.  It looks like a neat organization, and their website has some great tools on it, like a pantry organizing list that you can fill out and print to take shopping with you.

Yeah, I know the whole post sounds like a bit endorsement of Ms. Ray.  But really, there is some great stuff out there with her name on it, and as someone who appreciates the colour orange and her style of cooking, it’s a natural for me to point some of it out.

I’ll put more up about other celebrity cooks and chefs sometime probably.  Or not.  Either way, that knife set looks rockin. ;)


2 responses to “Yum-O!

  1. I just got into Rachael Ray cooking less than two months ago and have both her 5 and 7 inch knives and love them.
    You may want to check ebay. They have them and the pot and pans brand new for quite a bit less. :)
    Susie in northern NY

  2. hey, thanks for the tip about the car buying. Lawrence bought a car today in Red Deer. We had also heard about the inspection thing and with him there already it just was the only option to get it there. He got a really good deal on a nice saturn from an old terrace friend that lives there.
    P.S. you need to update your “run” blog!

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