because I’m being creative lately

I found this article today at Man Bytes Blog, one of the blogs on my reading list.  It contained a very astute observation about the relationship between creative people, those who review their work and those who try to disect it and find the ultimate “meaning” or “message” hidden within.

There has always been an uneasy love triangle between the artist, the critic and the academic. It is a tempestuous relationship, often fraught with violent sulks, bitter recriminations and vengeful silences. There is nothing new about an artist claiming their work contains different themes, or no themes at all, than that which an academic claims to see, just as there’s nothing new about the artist accusing the critic of not being deep enough, or sensitive enough, or intelligent enough, to understand the true import of their novel, play, movie, sculpture, or what have you. Likewise, the critic is often hampered by their own limited understanding of the creative process or frustrated over their own failure to produce works that captivate the public. The academic may, in their examination of the artist’s work, be more focused on impressing their peerage with convoluted insights or insecurely scrambling to bury their own ignorance under a mound of obfuscation. Those who are but tangentially involved in this codependent ménage à trois, the audience, probably wish they’d all just shut up and get back to buggering each other, because that’s what they’re paying their hard earned shekels for in the first place.

I just thought you’d enjoy that, and perhaps that some who read this would enjoy the blog of an indie game developer who comes up with such insights.


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