Ivy’s Super (bowl) Party!

Ivy’s second birthday party was today.  We served lots of snacks and had the plasma downstairs with the game on it in HD.  Looks good.

Ivy’s party has been a success so far, she got great presents, had good cake, and lots of fun snacks.  Oh yeah, and friends too!  Pictures forthcoming.


5 responses to “Ivy’s Super (bowl) Party!

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  2. Happy Bday Ivy!!!!! Sorry we missed it guys, i didnt know we were invited… >.<

  3. It’s ok. I’m sorry you guys didn’t get your invite soon enough. Sam and I told dave to tell you, I was meant to phone you and I was supposed to make a facebook invite.

    Somehow most of that got missed – so my apologies. On the upside, it went pretty well. ;)

  4. ahhh no worries, these things happen. Oh were celebrating my 22 bday this saturday if you guys want to come hang out for a while your more than welcome. There will be drinking, i think most people are showing up after 6. And then proceeding to the bar to dance. So just letting you and sam know your invited! Or if you guys cant do that either saturday or sunday Jer and i and maybe a few friends will be going to PG for a few hours, so you guys are welcome to join in that fun if we go

  5. …Sorry… I spaced and didn’t phone you guys back. And I totally forgot about the party. :( Bad Erin…

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