The haters be hatin…

So…the best game I played last year has a couple of fans. The game is called Portal, and is pretty cool.

At the end it has a song called “Still Alive” written by Jonathan Coulton. It’s a darkly humorous song and has gathered lots of attention. A girl made a video cover of her singing it and put it up on youtube.

It’s gathered lots of attention today. Lots.

Wil Wheaton pointed to a comment by the writer of the song where he sticks up for this girls effort:

“It’s so pointless to even talk about, but what’s with the people who actually take the time to write inane negative comments on amateur YouTube videos? I understand: you’re 13, you’re trying to be witty, and you forget that there’s some human on the other end. And you come up with just the right clever little thing to say, some zinger like “OMG? I want to kill you noob,” or perhaps “I hate you,” some really eloquent expression of your criticism, and you can’t resist. Congratulations: you’ve just become extremely boring.

I had seen this list of the top 12 “Still Alive” covers on Joystiq, but I wasn’t aware of the little comments scuffle going on over CupcakeAndTea’s contribution until someone pointed it out to me. And, just, sigh. Really? This is a good use of your time, to make someone you’ve never met feel bad just because they made an amateur fan video about something they really like? Where’s your thing that you made and put online for everyone to see, you chicken-shit cockhole?”

The fact that Jonathan Coulton put up a defense on his blog for someone covering his own song is just made of awesome. The fact that he coined the phrase “chicken-shit cockhole” just takes it to new levels – some would call it “hawesome

Edit:  It seems I was wrong about who originally coined the righteous new swear I learned today.   From Jonathan’s Blog comments:

  1. JC Says:
    January 22nd, 2008 at 6:42 pm I fear that my use of the term “cockhole” has undermined my Very Important Point. Speaking of which, before we get to far along I must give the credit for this, my favorite new swear, to blogging technician Joel Johnson. I don’t know if he was its originator or merely the fellow who romanced that particular stone. Either way, he is the best.

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