Solve for X

I wonder if the “ten second tidy” on Big Comfy Couch is really a good idea.  I mean, Ivy likes it, and is starting to go through her cleaning phase.  We hear lots of “Clean up, Clean up, Clean up, Clean up” when we remind her she’s made a mess.

However, Loonette the clown seems to believe that tucking everything back into the couch is a good version of a tidy. (I beg to differ)

Combine that with Ivy’s new interest in television, and interaction (Go, Diego, Go and Hi-5 are her current favourites) and you get a formula like the following:

TST+Ivy(TV + Interest x Copying+ Interacting)/Couch = X

Solve for X where TST = Ten Second Tidy

I think the only thing we’re going to get out of this is a couch full of treasures.


4 responses to “Solve for X

  1. Hmmm maybe thats why I always find stuff in the couch…think davey n jer watched the big comfy couch?? lol

  2. hahahahaha…. I’m so happy that Ashley never did that! :) Ivy is such a doll… how could you even be upset at that? I would just giggle! :D

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  4. Well. I haven’t found many treasures put into the couch from Ivy yet. A few by Sam and I.

    I wouldn’t be upset, I’m just entertained that this is the likely outcome of her tv watching.

    I think she needs more um….I don’t know. Train of Thought just derailed.

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