Let us know what you think.  Sam and I both like the new colour scheme, and the whole layout actually.  We have one thing that annoys us in particular about this new theme, so we’ll see if it’s the same sort of thing that annoys you guys.

Please leave us some comments about what you think of the new layout, and suggestions on how we could fix it.

We added some new :about: pages.  You can browse through them to get some more idea of who we are – eventually I’ll get some photo’s uploaded on flickr or something for me to embed into each of those.

We also put up a page as sort of a gift registry.  It’s called Baby Wants & Needs.  Feel free to comment there with suggestions, questions and whatever else.


Jeff, Sam and Ivy


2 responses to “Ch..Ch..Ch..Chaaaang-eesssss.

  1. oooh! Methinks the new layout is wondermous!

  2. I like it :D! Oh and BTW if someone called me asking if i wanted to swim with the dinos *id so go!* lol

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