This time it’s Tineke.

Tineke has a photography business called Northern Persona Photography.  What is it with all my friend’s being photographers?  Seriously, this makes 3 professional photographers now.  Starla, Lisa and Tineke. (Note to me, I don’t have Lisa’s website linked anywhere, need to find the URL)

Tineke’s shots featured on her blog are pretty amazing – being my local photographer friend she’s probably the one I’d end up going to.  It’s tough though, because I wouldn’t want Lisa for example to feel like I’m sidelining her, cause she’s awesome too.  Starla I don’t see enough – so not as much guilt there – though if you’re interested in photos you should probably check out her blog as well.


One response to “Blogroll…again.

  1. Hey Jeff, here’s my website It is only partially complete, and I’m not all excited about the images I have on there. Don’t feel guilty about getting shots done with Tineke she’s amazing! That’s who I’d go to ;) Lotsa Love can’t wait to see all those photos!

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