Blogroll Updated

I was cruising my blog stats and found a URL sending people here I didn’t recognize!  So i did some investigative reading and discovered something interesting.

Natasha has a blog!

I put a link to Natasha’s Bloggy on my blogroll.

Tasha is my friend’s (I call him a cousin) fiancee.  We generally don’t hang out in the same circles, but we try to get together with her and Jeremy at least once in a while, especially for gaming nights etc.

One of her stated goals for this coming year is to lose some weight, so I think I’m going to ask her if she’s interested in writing some stuff on my other blog, runfatboyrun.

Yes, I do realize she’s a girl.  Doesn’t mean she can’t op-ed every once in a while though. ;)


One response to “Blogroll Updated

  1. Aww wi feel so special im on your blogroll! :D woohoo….And yeah im hoping to be joining curves at the very LEAST at the end of february *crosses fingers, Bring on the money, work! lol*

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