Major Catch Up 2

Here are my major catch up posts, coming in reverse chronological order.

Pre-Christmas – Running Over Bambi 

We went to Josh and Lori’s Christmas party on the 21st.  It was a pretty epic event, much like it always is.  It however, was preceded by one of the more epic events I’ve had happen to me.

They live at the bottom of a steep hill, and their subdivision is well known for wildlife, so I had my highbeams on as I drove, slowly, down the hill.  It was icy out, and I’m a fairly slow driver as it is.  I saw a truck pull up to the stop sign on J+L’s road, so I switched off my highbeams, and was paying attention to the guy at the sign, around here you never know when someone is going to fishtail on the ice driving like a retard, and I wanted to see what he was doing.

Sam beside me was gesturing ahead and going “gah, um, um, um, um…STOP!”

So I did.  I hit the breaks hard and felt the antilock kick in, and the truck was slowing.  My eyes focused on the deer standing on the road between us and the stop sign.  We were still headed downhill, and it was icy, so we were still slowing when the deer looked at me, stepped in front of the truck and promptly got run over.

I mean, run over.   Not hit so much.  You know the feeling when you crunch an icky hard shelled insect beneath your foot?  That was the feeling transmitted to me through the break pedal.  I could feel things grinding and snapping.  Then we were stopped, not even two bumps.  Bambi’s Mom crawled out from under the drivers side of the truck with impressive speed and dashed off into a yard bordering the street.

The guy in the truck stopped and asked if we were ok.  We got out to check the truck.

No damage.  Not a dent or a scratch.  The smell of scorched deer hair was in the truck, probably from something hot singing it and picking up the smoke that resulted and passing it through the heating system, but other than that, no evidence we’d just run over an animal.

We got back in and drove to J+L’s and proceded to enjoy the party.  I may have disillusioned Jesse’s girlfriend who was all excited to have seen a deer standing in one of the neighbors yards when I ran up to him saying “Dude, I totally just ran over  a deer.  Skoosh!  It’ll probably die now if I broke it’s bones!”

To recap.  It was wierd.

I’ve hunted game before, and have no problem with that.  But the feeling of running over an animal with my truck was different somehow.  Perhaps it translates too well to what would happen to an even more fragile human being if I hit a person, I don’t know.  All I know is it left a wierd feeling in the pit of my stomach.

And a wierd smell in the truck for a few minutes.


2 responses to “Major Catch Up 2

  1. thats pretty incredible that their was no damage!

  2. Awww poor bambi’s mom! Glad that your truck ended up without a mark!

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