Ultrasound Results

So we went to my 19 week ultrasound yesterday.  My whole plan for this was they were going to tell us that they were wrong and I am much further along then they thought.   I believed this was what should happen because my stomach is Massive!  I look like I am at least 6 to 8 months pregnant.  No clothing fits,  My maternity shirts from when I was pregnant with Ivy are starting to get too small, and my stomach is already getting in the way (the stove is much closer to me then I originally thought while cooking.)

Well my plan did not work out!  I am right on time, 20 weeks and 3 days along as of yesterday. The due date remains March 27th.   The baby looks Great (yes I said Baby,  there are not 2 in there Erin).  We got to see all sorts of awesome pictures,  it has 10 fingers, and 2 whole legs,  a developing brain,  and a beating heart.  The Ultrasound technician gave us a great view of between the legs, even though he is not allowed to tell us what the baby is he can let us look,  and the verdict…..  I think I saw something,  Jeff’s sure he didn’t.  So we are having a boy Or a girl, Surprise!

So to sum up,   there is a baby in there,  it is right on time,  it is developing well,  and my stomach is just going to grow to be the size of a TV table (which is convenient at times.)



One response to “Ultrasound Results

  1. Well, I can’t say I’m not disappointed. I had truly hoped you would be having two… one for me, and one for you! (kidding…)

    I’m so happy for you guys. And wicked jealous. But more happy. :)

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