Sign Language

Misty @ Live Granades writes about sign language today:

“I can’t tell you the amount of frustration his ability to sign cut down. Many times when he was tired, a sign would ease the way to compromise. We didn’t do the endless pointing and asking, “Is this what you want? No? How about this?” And it gave him some power. Even without vocalized words he could still let us know what he needed. We also got an excellent start on good manners. To this day, he will still sometimes make the sign for ‘please’ when he says it out loud. I was continually amazed at him making signs for stuff and me for understanding what he wanted.”

Sign language is something we talked about with Ivy but never followed through on.  I think this is one thing that we’ll probably change with the upcoming baby – Misty has some good book recommendations that I’ll be taking a look at.


2 responses to “Sign Language

  1. I am totally into the sign language thing. It really wasn’t possible for us to do it with Ashley, but that’s because of she-devil (SD). It was hard enough trying to potty train that girl with SD always putting her back in diapers…imagine what signing would be like. yikes, it gives me a headache just thinking of it.

    Anyways…. what I meant to say, is that if/when we have more kids…I will be teaching them to sign.

    Plus there is the added benefit that when I finally lose ALL my hearing…my kids can sign to me. yay!

    lol…. ever notice that even when I’m *trying* to be happy, it’s still depressing? gotta work on that….

  2. Hey, thanks for the link! Glad you enjoyed it! The Signing Smart book is very good and has tons of activities to help you get started with sign with your child. The best part is your older child will love it too and help reinforce what you try to teach your younger one.

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