No Longer the Mistress

Well For all of you who don’t keep obsessive track of dates and times,  as of October 25th Jeff was officially and completely Divorced,  and I got to spend my fist day as Jeff’s girlfriend rather then The Mistress,  Yaaa!  So what does this mean for us,  The tides have changed and I can no longer rely on just sex to hold o to him as mistresses usually do.  And he can stop giving me expensive baubles all the time as that is the only way a married man holds on to his mistress…. 

Yea right!

I guess that dynamic just never worked out for us cause I don’t remember many expensive baubles,  and well,  I don’t think that sex could actually make up for all of my crazy quirks and stuff,  no matter how good it is.  So I guess time will tell how things will pan out,  (I’m hoping to see running boards in my future, lol)  but for the fist time ever we are just a normal couple,  well as normal a couple as we could ever be.


aka:  Just the girlfriend!


2 responses to “No Longer the Mistress

  1. This post makes me happy.

  2. Sam. I totally get how you’re feeling right now. After all, I was Ken’s mistress for a looong time. After his divorce finally went through I was so relieved. And then 4 months later we got married (which you knew…because you were there!)

    Enjoy being just the girlfriend. You deserve it. :)

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