Today Josh and Lori are coming over to play Magic: The Gathering. Emille might come too. I got paid, so I get to buy a few cards – not sure yet what I’m going to buy, I have a few decks on the go.

Worldwide D&D Game Day is coming up! This sounds like it may be the awesomest thing I don’t get to do on November 3, because I live in the frigid north where there are no game or comic book stores.

D&D is one of those fallbacks for me. It brings me back to my childhood, and making the friendships that have survived since orcs and kobolds.

I will always remember my first adventure when I was but 9 years old. Talking to a tree that spoke in riddles and having my friend put on a cursed helmet that kept shrinking. We only got three questions, and he ruined the last one by asking how to get the helmet off his head. Good times.

As we got older, we always went back to D&D. I played D&D, AD&D and then D&D 3rd edition. D&D 3.5 came out shortly afterwords and I had to buy the core rulebooks for that too (which is actually still my favourite version).

I toyed with D&D Miniatures, and I’ve always had a love for misshapen blobs of lead or pewter with paint stuck to them. Some I’ve done are sad creations, and others are works of art.

Wil Wheaton popped this onto my radar today, with this appropriate remark:

“Wizards has wisely created 4th level characters for the festivities, so players won’t have to suffer the indignity of being killed by a single kobold. On the other hand, players won’t get to enjoy the rite of passage we all enjoyed the first time we were killed by a single kobold, while trying in vain to defend ourselves by casting Light.”

So, if you live somewhere you can get to one of these things, and have fond memories of D&D as I do, round someone up or go alone, and perhaps give it another go.

Maybe I’ll try to organize some kind of little event around my place for this…although knowing me, that would turn into a campaign, and then I’d have to plan and plot and DM and stuff.

Hmm…maybe I’ll stick to Magic.


One response to “geek-a-licious

  1. Jolynn aka Queen Bitch Bee

    Hiya Jeff,

    I’m so happy to see you happy and I’m definitely glad you got that tangle of unhappiness behind you. I absolutely love the blog name =D

    <=still has you on MSN, and Gtalk for when you feel like using them

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