New Daycare

Ivy has a new daycare.  Amanda has had some health problems and scares with her pregnancy, so she isn’t able to do it anymore.  This makes us sad.

Our new daycare however makes us happy.  It’s a real structured one, cause we felt we couldn’t get lucky with good in-home liscenced daycare options again.

We have to  pack lunch for her now, and it requires a little more effort on our part, but the people running this place seem pretty awesome.  They’ll work with our schedule as much as possible, and if we start something like potty training (which we’re in the very beginnings of) they’ll work with us to make it good.

More to come as we use it a little more and find out what we like/dislike about it.


2 responses to “New Daycare

  1. oooh…potty training. Fun Stuff. And I know…we just went through that.

  2. Oh I so disliked having to interview people for Day Care or Day home stuff. It’s just easier to stay home… but not everyone can do that. I’m not sure we’re one of those people that can. Congrats on the divorce! Or more like congrats on being able to move forward with your life and commit to you’re new family!! Yay for Jeff! Yay for friends with kids!

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