I’ve kept you waiting long enough…

Ok…I’ve kept it quiet on here long enough.

(Actually, I forgot I promised more news.)

But here it is.  The other day I got a letter from the British Columbia Court Registry.  Yup.  It’s here.

I am divorced. (or, I’m mostly divorced…it’s all signed but doesn’t take effect until 31 days after the judge signs it, so on the 25th it will be official)

This means I can go and beggar myself by purchasing a ridiculously priced engagement ring or something.

Actually  – Sami threatened to rip off my testes if I spend as much on one for her as Jeremy did for Tasha…Congratulations Guys!  Both Sawatzky twins either engaged or married….nifty.  But I digress.

Sam wants me to propose with a  cheap ring and running boards for her truck.  How did I get such an awesome woman.


One response to “I’ve kept you waiting long enough…

  1. oh! YAY!! I remember how exciting it was when Ken got his papers!! Congratulations!!

    And remember….my engagement ring didn’t cost anything…it was handed down to Ken. So…really you don’t need to spend a lot of money…at all. :) And Sam is so cute…propose with running boards. LOL

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