I need to learn to watch before I post

I posted a video in my last post before I watched it.  Now that I have watched (most of) it here at work, I have some points to make about this obviously one sided attempt at journalism.

The first critique is that the only computer repair shop in the show which was shown to do a good job was the one where the technician told the customer to “take it home, do it yourself, reinstall windows, it’s simple”.  If I was a customer I’d be upset – I bring my computer in to have it fixed, not to be told to fix it myself.

Secondly – I work as a computer technician.  I can say confidently that I would have diagnosed the first problem (damaged RAM) correctly.  However, it wouldn’t have been onsite, as we don’t generally service non-booting computers onsite – too costly for us and for the customer.

The technicians who did get the problem right were criticized for selling replacement parts at too high a price.  Because of course, buying ram on a discount website is the best way to gauge how much a computer service person/center should be charging.  It isn’t like they have to keep track of inventory, stock the item in the first place, deliver it and install it.  That part should all be free.

Thirdly.  The second manufactured problem (a few corrupt windows files, no more than 60 dollars to fix).

Oh. My. Goodness.

First of all – you shouldn’t have randomly corrupt files in windows.  This shouldn’t be able to be solved in an hour, because of a little first step in pc repair, namely, diagnostics.

It will take time, at least 15 minutes, probably half an hour or more, to identify that there are corrupt files in windows.  Then, there should be reasonable time spent (probably 6-8 hours of bench time, not chargeable) to prove that a failing hard drive or bad ram didn’t cause the corrupted files.

The technicians who said “you have a virus” may be simplifying the problem, but I’m inclined to think they are taking the easy way out (seeing limewire installed and guessing there is a virus or spyware strain corrupting windows) and not just trying to hose the customer.

This brings me to another thought.  Explaining things.  Customers get aggravated if you speak in geek talk, but get angry if you simplify things and later they are given a more detailed explanation that makes your simplification seem like you’re talking out your ass.  I seem to be pretty good at explaining problems to customers simply without having to resort to half truths, but not everyone has that talent.

A more fair test would have been to bring the laptop in and say “I think some files are corrupt, someone was playing with it and may have deleted some windows files”.  This way they could rule out some of the diagnostic procedure and get to the fix – running a repair install of windows.

Overall, a sketchy reporting – one that makes me look bad as it paints all computer technicians with a very broad brush, and puts them in a bad light.

I know that in my town there are several competitors who offer cheaper service than we do.  I also know that I get very few negative reports – or I wouldn’t still be doing my job and making the money that I make – which is quite decent, thankyouverymuch.


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