From our pregnancy email newsletter…

You’re 14 Weeks Pregnant
Welcome to your second trimester! Your energy is likely returning and your queasiness may be settling down, too. If not, hang on — chances are good it’ll soon be behind you (although a few unlucky women will still feel nauseated even months from now). While the top of your uterus is just a bit above your pubic bone, for some women that’s enough to cause a little tummy pop. Your baby’s body is lengthening, and although you can’t feel movements yet, she’s busy putting her tiny muscles to work.

See what your baby looks like now, and find out which pregnancy discomforts may disappear, how to handle a sweet tooth and more.

It seems to be fairly accurate, but Sami would be a better voice on those issues.  I’m sort of excited about something else as well – will post about it later.


4 responses to “From our pregnancy email newsletter…

  1. oh oh oh! Are you excited because you found out I’m right, and it’s twins??

    *evil grin*

  2. ok…seriously…. what is the other thing that you’re excited about?? I’m the edge of my seat here!

  3. Yes Jeff we are all on the edge of our seats here…although we do have our assumptions as to what you’re hinting at. I think the list of things to be excited about is getting smaller. You have a great job, a new house, a new car, a new family with a baby on the way, what could be left on that list….

  4. Okay, you’d think i should know what the other thing is, but really im in the dark? That isnt really fair. How would he know its twins if i dont???

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